February 8, 2010

Referencing: A Must Do

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So we are in to recruitment and we don’t like referencing…it’s a bad combination. You are not made for recruitment then. Today the competition is getting tougher and tougher and tougher. I have seen this thing so many times. Whenever I talk to some candidate whose CV is already uploaded on any of the job portals, I get happy that I got a right suitable candidate without actually putting that much of hard work, I just put my portals username , password , put the right keywords and I found the person I wanted. Yippy!!!, the bells of success, heavy incentives and all staring ringing in my mind. But actually after half an hour HR replies back with a one liner. This CV is already with us.. Your hopes shattered, dreams destroyed, I believe it happens with most of the people, who are into recruitments. It happened with me also many times, so I thought of avoiding this as much as I can. I started working on portals only but decided that I should not always estimate that this position is given to me only exclusively, that particular position has been circulated to many other consultants, and all of them are logged in and talking to the similar candidate and that candidate is again over smart , entertaining all the calls an requesting each and every consultant to process the CV further , because he doesn’t want to take any chance, but this is actually complete wastage of time and labor, so why not take some other way of action, I decided to do referencing.

Referencing means taking out more people from a person who so ever you are contacting and consider for that particular profile. Always ask a candidate to refer some names for the particular profile. This will give benefit of so many things, we’ll get those people who have not uploaded their CV on any of the portals so you are actually not in competition with any one else because you are the only person approaching him/her, chances of duplicity are rare and other thing, that candidate has not uploaded his CV in any portal that means he is a stable candidate and not actually running after jobs, he is suitable. If you are sure about his technical expertise and his profile he’ll be your placed candidate and you’ll definitely enjoy the incentive, but you should take references from him, ask him to give any names of the similar profile, of he gives the name and number talk to these people and check their interest level and then process their CV without any fear of duplicity.

But the question comes, is it so easy? No no no. its not that easy. Their are few cases which are my personal experiences and what did I d to solve them and these actually work

1.    If I am talking to a person who seems to be quite friendly and genuine enough that he’ll share the information clearly ask him directly to give references. Sir, please refer me any two people working along with you in your team of x profile that will help, as I have 5-6 positions in this profile (Actually have 1 only). He’ll say okay note down. He’ll refer you some names, not the numbers and then call them repeat the procedure, the chain continues and becomes a never-ending process. your database will increase and probably you’ll get some good candidates

2.    If I am talking to a person who seems to be bit difficult in terms of directly asking a question, I hit him indirectly. I’ll boost him about his technical expertise like sir that’s perfectly fine, we were actually looking for the similar profile for so long but could not find, then ask him how many people are reporting to you what is the hierarchical level, how many are managers, junior managers, whom are you reporting to? Thats his name …. I knw him actually long time back I had a word with him, hows he doing? Tell me dear whats his number, I would like to talk to him, we share a good relationship, take the number and then call that person take out more numbers. You’ll get only 1-2 references but these will be good ones

3.    I have faced many such candidates who are very insecure for telling people’s number or they say no maam can tell you without my friends permission or something, they‘ll actually try to avoid to give references, if such a person sounds to be very rigid on not sharing the references then telll him that you are only looking for names of peple it will help to understand the hierarchy and you don’t want numbers. Then he’ll be a bit confident and will give the names, then take out the main company board line numbers ad then ask for their direct landline and then ask him to give his cell number, call him on his mobile and then discuss the job details and yes obviously never tell on board line that you are calling from a consulting company that would be a blunder, say something else, I usually say that I am calling from courier company, his courier is not delivered want to inform him

4.    Sometimes I faced some candidates who were not at all ready to give me any references, not by any of the above mentioned cases, in that case I say sir, if you give me at least two references of your company and if possible of your own team, it will add weight age to your profile, company prefers candidates who have a strong reference backup. Then only I would be taking your CV further, you have to make him feel that there is no other way then giving some refernces to take your cv further.

5.    And yes there are few candidates on which none of the other solutions and methods are applicable, I suggest not to waste time on such a candidate .you can take out references from next candidate.

Referencing will definitely let you build your own database which would be exclusive and of course not available on any of the portals, you have access to those candidates and you can definitely deliver your client the best , if not the best at least what other can not deliver, it will be a value addition. So try referencing

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