February 12, 2010

Managing Recruitment Consultants

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Managing Recruitment Consultant… It’s a Big Deal

Hey, pals! I am addressing in such a way because of a day before yesterday only I met an HR person who used this phrase so many times. Hey pals! Hey Pals! I am still under his spell. Actually, that meeting was announced to brief on a new project with that client, it’s an automobile client, due to confidentiality reasons, I would not like to mention the name. I was amazed to see including us there were more than 20 other consultants/Vendors. what a huge number. Isn’t it ?just a publicity or a get-together party? Well,  having so many consultants associated with you has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. I always believed that we should not have multiple vendors but just to see the pros and cons of both sides:

Advantages can be

  • •    Number of consultants, more variety of resumes
    •    Different experts, different bits of advice, and different opinions.
    •    Distributing different positions to different consultants, so less closure time.
    •    Segregating consultants and positions, according to their commission size

    • To always have a backup.


•    Vendor coordination becomes tedious.
•    Giving Feedback on each and every CV.
•    Managing all the resume in flow
•    Duplicity and repetition of resumes. and also the quality becomes an issue. I work for some of the clients for whom more

I work for some of the clients for whom more than 50 of major and minor consultants/recruiters are working. Few of them are freelancers and work from home recruiters too. Most of them just log in the portal and start digging between CV’s and with in half an hour you start receiving CV’s. keeping more

I have always stuck to the idea of having just 1 or 2 vendors on the basis of their expertise. There are Hiring managers and HR set ups, who are used to work with more than 15 vendors. Vendor Management also becomes such a crucial role here, especially recruitment vendors.  Few HR Managers, don’t think it’s that important to manage the consultant properly or keeping a record of their performance, but think, they don’t only cost money they also cost time.

So we should try to manage our recruitment vendors in such a way that they don’t become an extra burden. We should try to manage them in such a way that they give us the maximum outcome in less time. It can happen only when we have fewer consultants and we manage them according to their performance.

Here are some tips:

•    Make a list of all the consultants which are entitled with you.
•    Take a look at their past performance and history records.
•    Take an account of their market reputation.
•    Segregate any 10 of them and give and circulate the test position to all of them
•    Give a deadline. After receiving cv’s,  analyze their performance and on that basis for next three months, then call a meeting between the selected lot of 6-7 vendors. After a discussion about their work strategy, the setup, the commercials, the understanding and expertise of industry. Chose only 3-5 of them and continue to work with them for next year after signing a contract.

PS – Vendor recognition works. Try it.


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