February 8, 2010

Outplacement – Sophisticated Lay Off

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If you are a person who is involved into recruitment and you don’t have any idea what outplacement is all about. Then my dear you need to scratch your head a bit. Just few weeks back I got this opportunity to be a part of the outplacement project for one of the companies in automobile/Ancillary. One of their plants was going to shut down and they needed to outplace more then 250 employees at the operator level. Bingo!!! To a consultant who got this project. Initially my boss went to have an interaction with that client and to understand what the requirement of the client is. Actually understanding the clients requirements and to compare his expectations from what actually you can deliver is very much important when you are taking over any of the projects for outplacement.
Outplacement is just not like laying off the employees. As in lay off the employer simply gives a notice to the employee and pays him 1 month or 2 months salary in advance and asks him to leave. Then the employee is completely on his own, he has to fight for his survival. But in Outplacement its not at all like this. In outplacement at the initial level the employee is prepared for change. As I have done such a program for operation level people. We organized a WAP (Worker awareness program) for them and in that we had one to one interaction with each and every employee and make them understand the present market scenario and as its happening with other employees can happen with them also. Then we let them understand their own profile in a better way and make them understand how they can market themselves in a better way.

Then we do their PPA (Personal Profile analysis). In this the profile, technical expertise of each an every employee is understood and on the basis of that details, CV is created, formatted and a copy is drafted. This copy is given to the employee himself and these cv’s are even uploaded on different job portals. These cv’s are given to some other employers and consultants also. This way all the possible ways are adopted to arrange for the interviews of these candidates and then gradually their termination letter is given so that it doesn’t appear to them as of this is the end of their lives.

There are so many benefits that a company enjoys as well as the employee , thats why I consider outplacement as a better procedure then simply laying off the employees. Though Outplacement programs is mostly taken at the senior level by different management Consulting companies but I personally feel that it is more challenging if its at the operation level.

At Operation level people are of the categories like machinists, welders, supervisors, foremen, fabricators, fitters etc. These people are working in a particular organization from last 10 -15 or even more years. They have a not willing to change kind of mind set. They earn their bread and butter from this company and they will be shattered if they are told in the later days of their life that they are no more required in that company. So they are out placed instead of lay off.

The most challenging thing in out placing the people ate operation level is to change their thought process, to modify and broaden their mind sets. Consultant need to make that person understand that change is necessary in life. Sticking to that particular organization will not bring him any welfare. He should broaden his vision, there are companies which are actually looking for people like him and are ready to pay much netter salary then their present company. What else an employee needs, growth in terms of career as well as monetory.

Another challenge is to draft their CV’s. These people rarely ever make their CV and if they try to they make a synopsis kind of thing. They even don’t understand what is a CV or Resume, they understand the term Bio Data only. So they are to be communicated in the language which they understand. Consultant needs top sit with him and to understand in his language only what he is actually doing in that company and then to make a well formatted CV keeping in mind his experience and his Expertise.

Third challenge is to market their profile. Their CV’s are to be uploaded on different job portals, refreshed daily or even weekly so that employers or recruiters see them most frequently. CV’s hardcopies to be distributed to some other consultants. Sending CV’s to some potential employers which hire people at operation level in bulk and requesting for Interview conduction

Fourth Challenge is to prepare them for interviews. In their long span of tenure they have never given any interview. They don’t understand the DO’s and don’ts of the interview. So consultant needs to conduct their mock interview and to tell them what sort of questions are to be asked and how these questions need to be tackled.

Rest all depends on the candidature, if a candidate is good enough and the employer is in need and of course in a good mood the candidate will be paced, position will be closed, other wise the process continues.

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