May 9, 2019

Movers & Shakers – April 2019

Here is a list of all the major movements/Appointments/ Resignations and Elevations that happened in the month of April 2019.

1Michael SwiatekSteps down as Chief Planning OfficerIndigo
2Natarajan RadhakrishnanAppointed as President & Chief Innovation OfficerHinduja Global Solutions
3Shilpa Sinha HarshAppointed as Sr Vice President – Global Corp CommunicationsHinduja Global Solutions
4Malvika MehraAppointed as Chief Creative OfficerDentsu India – Tomorrow Lab
5Vikas GuptaAppointed as Chief people OfficerAdda24*7 – Ed Tech Company
6Rajan AnandanResigned as Vice President – South East Asia and IndiaGoogle India
7Vinod K DasariAppointed as Chief Executive vOfficerRoyal Enfield
8Sriram PadmanabhanAppointed as VP- MarketingNissan Motor India Pvt Ltd
9Sumer JunejaJoined Board of Ola to represent Soft BankOla Board and Soft Bank
10Roger LynchAppointed as Global Chief Operating OfficerConde Nast
11Anand BhadkamkarRole expanded as chief Operating OfficerDentsu Aegis Network India
12David R. MalpassAppointed as the President World Bank Group
13Robert EnslinQuits as Business bHeadSAP- Cloud Business Group
14Sathya KalyanasundaramAppointed as New Country Managing DirectorExperian India
15Keshav MurugeshElevated as ChairmanNASSCOM
16U B Pravin RaoAppointed as Vice ChairmanNASSCOM
17Kailash Prasad PurohitResigned as Managing DirectorJMD Ventures
18Dhruva Narayan JhaAppointed as new Managing DirectorJMD Ventures
19Manish MehanAppointed as Chief Executive OfficerTthyssenkrupp Industries
20Marcellus SolomonAppointed as General ManagerHireRight India
21Gulbahar TauraniAppointed as New PresidentRoyal Philips Personal Health India
22Subin SivanAppointed as Marketing HeadCargill Oil
23Padmaja AlaganandanElevated as Chief people OfficerPwC India
24Manu WadhwaAppointed as Chief Human resource OfficerSony Pictures Network India
25Jaya Kumar KAppointed as Vice President & Managing DirectorSabre Corp India
26Varsha RaoAppointed as Chief Executive OfficerNurx
27Pathmal GunawardanaAppointed as Head of AmericasTata Communications – North & South America
28Praveen Kumar KJAppointed as Chief Finance OfficerShadowFax
29Rohit GuptaAppointed as Vice President – Business DevelopmentShadowFax
30Manish MaheshwariAppointed as Managing DirectorTwitter India
31Roopesh PujariAppointed as Head of TechnologyPublicis India Media
32Dr Raju MistryAppointed as President & Global Chief People OfficerCipla
33Irwin AnandAppointed as Managing DirectorUdemy
34George PaulAppointed as new Chief Executive OfficerMAIT India
35Amit JainStepped down as Head – APACUber 
36Durgesh KaushikAppointed as Head Market DevelopmentSnapchat India
37Sanjeev KhannaResigned as Managing DirectorMother Dairy India

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February 7, 2019

Top talent Trends in 2019

by Brendan Browne (LinkedIn)

By Brendon Browne – LinkedIn

In the beginning of each year we get to read so many random articles about the Top trends, top predictions and top things of almost everything and anything. As a recruitment professional , I always look forward to the Top Talent Trends by LinkedIn as it really helps to make a road map for the year ahead. The trends so established, after an online survey with professionals all over the Linkedin Network, globally. Brendan Browne VP – Global Talent from LinedIn shared a wonderful insightful video of him, sharing the Top Talent Trends in 2019 and its full of Recruitment Gyan, (Read the full article here) that we all need to discuss with our team and colleagues.

Top Talent Trends 2019 – Source LinkedIn


Soft Skills are considered to be most important to the future of recruiting and HR. LinkedIn Report Says, “A particular programming language may go out of fashion but creativity, adaptability and collaboration skills will always be valuable” . Brendan Advises to focus on Identifying, attracting , recruiting and assessing for these kind of soft skills. According to Brendan the most nuanced skills which will be considered irreplaceable in future are Storytelling and other is Influence and Advising. I will write about these separately in my other blog.


Companies now must set on to have a proactive strategy to retain a candidate whether he moves cities or even continents. People will definitely make some change in their life at some point of time. The technology today has made us so hyperconnected that change of location should not be the reason to let go of a deserving employee. Companies must strategise their work flexibility programs around it. Sure it will come with a set of challenges but right use of technology will be a game changer.


To my surprise 71% of the surveyed professionals feel that Anti Harassment policies and programs in an organisation will certainly be a leverage to hire better talent in future. It’s the third most popular and trend of 2019. A culture knit with respect and equality for all will definitely attract more talent and will engage them too. Brendan Says, “Psychological safety is arguable the most important thing for an employee to be productive and enjoy their work” . Brendan urges recruiters and hiring managers to make certain that the companies have a clear vision about where they stand on such issues.


It’s all about being fair. Obviously you can’t pay equally but organisation can definitely vouch to pay fairly. Business fear that with pay transparency chaos will be created and will ignite salary disputes and clashes. But isn’t it worth it as it will solve many underlying issues which have not been addressed since ages. Salary transparency improves trust, morale, fairness and productivity too. In the long run, fairness pays.


It will not be easy. Organisations have evidently faced many challenges in the past too to bring about any change in their talent acquisition strategy but now the times have changed. With introduction of some ground break technology and softwares, it’s easier to implement these changes in a wink. With our industry, the only change we need to bring about is in our culture, the culture of openness to learn and adapt to something new, to fail and to try again.

I will definitely share more articles on this breaking all the points in detail. You can follow these articles and let me know your views.

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