February 12, 2010

Job Seeker Communication with Recruitment Consultant

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Hi Sir, Are you looking for a job change???

Getting a call from a placement firm…

As a job seeker whenever we get a call from a consultant or recruitment firm most of the times we feel happy if we are actually looking out for a job change. But sometimes it feels very irritating, like what if you are sitting on a conference call with your boss and you are being scolded because of your previous performances and you are tensed, in stress and then suddenly you get a call on your cell phone from an unknown number, you’ll think it might be a call from some client, you’ll pick the call up and on the other side the sweet voice will say, Hi sir, this is xyz calling from XYZ consultants, just wanted to ask if you are looking for a job change, for a moment you’ll think yes, but next moment you’ll feel irritated and you’ll keep the phone as if that person was selling you a credit card which you already had. It’s the kind of attitude most of the people has these days, which is somehow not right.

Consultant has given us a call because he/she has some job opportunity and as your resume was uploaded on a job portal it gives him an impression that you are looking for a job change, so he calls you up, and you banged phone on him, he’ll never call you again,you might miss an opportunity which you have been waiting for a very long time. So you can postpone the call of a consultant, either take his number or ask him to call after a specific time.This will show your professional behavior as well as it will also show your interest for conversation and it can be a way to reach your dream company.

Whenever consultant calls up you take his/her number if you are not in a position to talk to him at that time, take his personal number and make a call whenever you are free enough to discuss in detail. Then give a call to consultant and understand what he wants to say, let him explain the position to you and then you explain your profile to him in detail, so that he understands your profile in detail and shortlists you for an interview only if you are perfectly suitable for that profile otherwise, it would be a wastage of time for you as well as the consultant and of course for the HR person also who’ll be looking at that CV. So make the communication very clear so their is no mis – communication and no ambiguity

Sometimes it happens that consultant mentions name of such a client for which you are so much over excited that you completely ignore the profile part, never say yes yes yes and yes to all the queries of a consultant, he will be doing his best to convince you on all the things but you should know what are your expert areas and what is your limitation, for example lets say a consultant says Iam looking for a candidate specifically for SAP module and in that too MM module, you have worked till now in sap PP module but you have studied MM module in some training and don’t have any practical exposure to it, so you got to say it clearly that you have SAP PP module exposure , you have SAP MM exposure also but only theoretical not practical, you can do it if given a chance but only after some training and supervision, because if its not fit, its not going to click anyway.
So be very clear about the profile, there are lot many other things which I want to discuss, we’ll discus one by one later on.

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