February 8, 2010

Communication Blunders By Recruitment Consultants

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It has happened with me many times, that just because of little of communication error or Typographical error the complete process and effort of the consultant goes waste, whether that communication error or communication gap is o the end of the clients end or at the consultants end, the candidate is also the one who is the culprit sometimes but that error will also fall in the account of consultant because we are the one who recommended that candidate so any flaw on the part of the candidate will be ultimately considered as the flaw of the consultant only.

Well defined, precise and proper communication plays a very important role in the recruitment or management consulting business, its better not to say anything instead of saying something which can work like a spark and can cause fire called blunder. I have so many personal incidents on my own.

I was lining up a candidate for the middle level position to one of my clients in Automobile industry, they don’t entertain anyone who is diploma holder in engineering they want only degree holders, but that guy was so good in terms of profile that I could not stop myself from sending that candidate to the client, I was ready for the scolding I was abut to get from those people, I conveyed this thing clearly to the candidate even that I am taking chance on your profile, you have a good profile but not a desired profile, I wrote a mail to client and clearly mentioned that this person is a diploma holder not a degree holder but a right fit for there requirement , the position was critical, I was ready for the worst, but on the contrary I got email that they also liked that profile very much and they can compromise with his education as he is drawing even lesser salary, so they were ready to take his interview, I was so happy , that candidate was on cloud number 9, after 15 days I scheduled his interview with that client and he appeared for the interview, interview went ok, at the end of the day the HR called me up and said candidate was very good that’s why we were ready to compromise on his education but we would not compromise this much that we’ll take a candidate who has passed a diploma only and that too part time diploma , diploma and part time education are a no no for that client, I felt so bad, why was I not ware of this, I would have never scheduled if I knew it, I called up that candidate and asked why didn’t he tell me that he has passed diploma part time, he simply said , you never asked me and didn’t want to hide so I told the client HR  people, I realized it was my mistake , I would have asked everything in details, he was obviously not ware that its an important criteria but the only thing wrong on his part is that he didn’t mention this thing in his CV, which is wrong bit because of this lack of proper communication my labor &v Time, Clients labor & Time and candidate’s labor  Time went in vain.

Another example is when I was working for Construction equipment manufacturing leader client. For a very critical position one of my candidates was short listed and I was very excited for that interview, it was a senior level position. Clients’ HR called me up and asked to schedule a VC in Web world, I asked that candidate to tell me which center is the nearest to his place for VC, he gave me two names, one was to be confirmed from clients end, I sent that mail immediately to the client HR, he said he’ll confirm by the evening , I kept on calling that HR person whole day but he could not talk to me, I sent him a mail but because of his busy schedule he didn’t reply, next two days were off, saturday Sunday, I called him early morning on Monday, he said he’ll call me as he s quite busy, so I didn’t call, the interview was to be scheduled on Tuesday very next day and that too 120knms away from the candidates present location. I waited for hi call whole day, he called up by 6:30 in the evening and asked what the matter was, I said he has to confirm me any one of the center for VC. H literally screamed and said oh no that interview is tomorrow some how he confirmed that VC at the last moment and then I called up that candidate to tell him the confirmed schedule but to add to my hard luck that candidate said no because he would not be able to take leave at the end of the day and as I have not confirmed anything to him he as already scheduled his next day, I conveyed the same thing to the HR, he said he’ll deduct the money from my company’s account as he has booked the VC already and its cancelled I clearly said that I have sent a mail to him four days before , he didn’t reply back tome, I was trying to talk to him but he didn’t reply back to me any ways now candidate is not available as we didn’t inform him on time so its not my fault. Well he agreed, he didn’t deduct my money and of course the VC was rescheduled.

There is another instance which one of my coworker shared with me, she was doing recruitments for a reputed MNC, a known name and the HR manager of that firm was in direct communication with that lady. She has worked on one position which was a middle level position and 0-12 candidates were short listed for a single profile but interviews were not lined up. The HR got a confirmation for the interview line up one day  early morning through a mail, he didn’t check his mail and could not intimate the consultant on time. He checked his mail in the evening by 4 m and then he intimated the HR to line up all the candidate for the next day, most of the candidates were not willing to come as they were not given enough time notice to arrange for leave an all, so they could not appear for the interview, unfortunately out of 13 only 2 candidates appear for the interview and the person who came to take for the interview has come from some other office in other state to specially take that interview, his visit went in vain just because there was no in time communication between HR and Consultant . That HR charged 50000 from the consulting firm as fee for the expenses they bear to call that senior person for the interview, the company is still fighting for that remission. My co worker was fired for this though I believe that she was not responsible for this, but when there is a little of m8iscommunication, somebody has to suffer, whether its client or the consultant.

So in short I’ll say its very important to have a proper communication, with your clients as well as with your colleagues, id f you are supposed to keep your senior or your TL in the loop, he must be cc’d every time you send a mail to the client, its important, if I would not be having that mail with me , money would have been deducted from my account, so its important to keep the communication very clear and precise, its must to communicate every aspect through mail so you have a written evidence of everything, it will save you from many disasters, proper communication channel must be maintained.

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