Client Servicing Techniques For Recruitment Consultants

This is one of the most important aspects of Recruitment procedure, To interact with a client. In big 4 companies there is a separate department for the client servicing or client interaction thing and that shows how important is this role. In all the service providing companies client must be happy, if client is not happy you are not performing well, no matter what are you doing in office? How many hours you work in a day? You are not even able to take your meal properly because of work pressure or you are actually giving your best, well if your client is expecting more then what you can deliver than it’s a problem and either you have to do some expectation management or you have to actually meet his expectation, in service industry service is worship and client is your God, Not only in management services but in all other industries. Let’s talk about Hotel industry, you are serving good food, good means good by taste and looks as well and your client is happy, then you are rocking. No matter whether just half an hour ago the potatoes were out of stock and you actually took out those rotten potatoes out of the dustbin, to satisfy your client, if client is happy then whatever you did is absolutely right. Same is here, no matter how you took out the person, you call him blankly, call him through portal, hunt him down or personally visit his place, that’s your problem but client must be happy, obviously because he is paying you for the placements you are doing and not for the labour you are putting for it or whatever crap you face because of it.

Whenever I talk to any client I make it sure that I am very clear on whatever I say,. Its not always right to be very honest and true to your client. Sometimes you have to lie, either to defend yourself, or to defend your candidate but its okay to lie sometimes but definitely it should not become a practice beyond some barrier. Whenever I am making a call to the HR of my clients I jot down the questions and things that I actually want to talk about. Like

  • Feedback of x candidate
  • Interview schedule of x candidate
  • Joining of x candidate
  • Of course how was your weekend?

Yes its very important to indulge your clients’ Hr in all kind of talks. Not that important to talk to the point always. I would not disclose the name but I deal with one of my MNC client HR, she is a lady and we even discuss how was her birthday party, what was she wearing, any boyfriend and all that stuff.. it shows that you actually enjoy talking to that person, and its not always important that you call your client only when you need some feedback or have some question in your mind , sometimes you can call just to say “Hello”. To be honest I always start the conversation like this: hey , Good morning , I just called to say hello”, but then gradually I‘ll come to business. Its  a way to stay in touch and not even let the other person know that we are piling up, because competition is tough and I want that only my name should come in her mind at the first place when she starts calling or sending a mail about any urgent requirement.

I have made it a practice to call my HR when there is some crisis, its quite possible that I may send him a mail only when everything’s going right but if something goes wrong, don’t avoid to call him, don’t let him feel that you are running away from the situation and are not capable enough. Listen to all things he is going to tell you or things which you already know. Nothing bad in listening to his harsh words because at last he is the only person who can take you out of the situation, only if you keep your cool, candidate is not coming to interview? Call your HR, don’t just write a regret mail, call him, he‘ll talk left right, listen to everything, but then take an alternate schedule, on mail he would not give you an alternate schedule. Make him feel important and that you are really feeling bad that the candidate didn’t turn up and try to schedule that candidate for sure on the alternate day, I believe that most of the times ,the placements are done just because you share a very good reputation with your client, keep your client happy , keep yourself growing. And yes never forget your clients cell  number, even when you are on a holiday do not forget to call your client for any update or as usually just to say hello. Don’t forget to wish your client all the festivals; I gifted a beautiful fangshui to one of my HR last year on diwali. It will keep you firm in the competition, there are hundreds of consultant working actively in the market, why he should remember you because your name comes to his mind at the first place when he thinks about people associated with him and when he opens his inbox your mail is at the first place. So keep in touch with him always and try to serve him the best way you can. We’ll continue this discussion; there’s is lot more I want to discuss.

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