Recruitment – A Vital function not just keyword matching on job portals

Recruitemnt as a passion, as a profession, whatever ways, is a vital function of Human resource. In past decade we have seen an ample mushrooming of Recruitment agencies in India. Every other recruitement professional has the vision of coming up with a recruitment company with the same methodology, same business model, same technique. There are hundreds of recruitment companies, thousands of recruiters , still there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of Human capital. Comapnies are struggling to find the right person for the right job, employees are struggling to get the right job which gives them enough job satisfaction and lets them enjoy the work life balance, and job seekers are still unemployed. Why so?

When huge demand is there , huge supply is there, why not ends are meeting. Because the bridge in between , the recruiter has these shortcomings

1. Lack of Quality
2. Lack of Recognition.

Lack of quality as any one who sits on laptop, knows how to match keywords on portals and can talk a bit in english, considers himself a recruiter, without any consideration to the quality of recruitment.

lack of recognition because there is no such body out there, which recognises or certifies the recruitment companies or recruiters. have you ever heard of a certified recruiter? So, even after working too hard , doing quality work, a recruiter doesnt get recognition.

This gap has to fill first, to fill the gap between the demand and supply of Human capital. Recruitment has to get established as a specialised, important, quality oriented and result driven function of Human resource. An innovation is required to fill the gap and get over with the ancient recruitment methodologies of keyword matching. A revolution is required in human resource industry to establish recruitment as a most important and specialised function.

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