Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns – What went wrong?

It can be called a story of, one disaster leading to another disaster, or just another Silicon Valley multimillion-dollar startup, gone hay. Whatever people may call it, the truth is, Mr. Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber from 2010, has been asked to step down as the CEO of Uber by the investors and he obliged. He has resigned yesterday. What went wrong and what’s the story behind it? The history: Travis is the founder of two companies Red Swoosh and Uber. Though Uber is not his idea. The idea belongs to Garrett Camp (Cofounder of Stumbleupon), Travis joined Garrett Camp […]

Are you working from home?

Working from home is like shirking work from home. That’s what people think. But there are plenty of studies, researcher works and case studies which prove otherwise. Have a read https://ideas.ted.com/why-working-from-home-should-be-standard-practice/. Today, when millennials are fishing out bigger ideas and better jobs, the top aspect they look for in a job, is Flexibility, after Learning and Development. Work from home is that perk which all the ventures are scared of providing and this is that practice which ought to be standard practice in businesses. High time we clear our doubts. I started my career as a recruiter in 2008. Worked for […]