Communication Blunders By Recruitment Consultants

It has happened with me many times, that just because of little of communication error or Typographical error the complete process and effort of the consultant goes waste, whether that communication error or communication gap is o the end of the clients end or at the consultants end, the candidate is also the one who is the culprit sometimes but that error will also fall in the account of consultant because we are the one who recommended that candidate so any flaw on the part of the candidate will be ultimately considered as the flaw of the consultant only. Well […]

Referencing: A Must Do

So we are in to recruitment and we don’t like referencing…it’s a bad combination. You are not made for recruitment then. Today the competition is getting tougher and tougher and tougher. I have seen this thing so many times. Whenever I talk to some candidate whose CV is already uploaded on any of the job portals, I get happy that I got a right suitable candidate without actually putting that much of hard work, I just put my portals username , password , put the right keywords and I found the person I wanted. Yippy!!!, the bells of success, heavy […]