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You can say it chasing too…

As a recruiter we have faced many problems during the recruitment procedure like the candidates didn’t turn up for the interview, the client is not giving us a proper feedback, the candidate is not sure about joining, client is not share about when to conduct an interview or is not sure about when to release an offer letter or when to raise the cheque etc etc. These all questions are a part of a recruiters daily work schedule. These all questions can be easily answered if you are good in following up and not only following up , also keeping a track of all the conversation.

Follow up with the client

  • Firstly you need to follow your client religiously even if he has business for you or not, be there in his caller list always and once you get the requirement or desired business then too
  • Usually once we get requirements from our client, we don’t talk to him until we are done with our work, it can take a day or two, we should not do this, keep in touch with him with all the queries you have in your mind, keep on asking him several things you want to enquire about a particular candidate’s profile. This will always keep the client positive about your progress and he ‘ll be sure that he’ll get something good from you.
  • After sending all the profiles to your client, keep in touch with him regarding the status of the resumes, and you must get status of each an every profile, if a recruiter is not very enthusiastic to get a feedback on his profiles why would a client bother to give us a feedback. We keep on waiting for a clients call, in fact we should keep on asking when is the feedback expected. Obviously feedback will take some time but we must be aware of the cycle and that how much time it will take.
  • For scheduling interviews, we need to be in touch with client and the candidate both regularly, candidate wants a specific time, is client ready to give that time, if yes or no, we need to specify it back to our candidate at the same time, If there is any kind of issue going on with the candidate regarding attending or not attending the interview, keep your client always in loop with it.  If there are certain changes in the schedule from the clients end or some specific instructions, let your candidate know.
  • After the completion of interview,eep a follow up with your client regarding the outcome of the interview, positive or negative, you must be aware of it. If its taking time, you must be aware why and how long will it take and keep following up.
  • For joining of a candidate, regular follow up of the client is a must, let yourself be aware of what all documents are required, how they need to be submitted, any pre employment test to be conducted, any medical test, any other formality, you need to ask about the complete procedure thoroughly from your client.
  • After joining of the candidate you need to keep the follow up about raising the bill.  On what percentage basis the bill will be raised, what address it will be, what should be the exact amount after taxes and all.
  • After raising the bill you need to follow up the client for whether he has received the bill or not, when will he dispatch the payment cheque or draft, but for this follow up you need to call the client only after the stipulated time that is always mentioned in the company agreement, which is usually one month.
  • Never forget to follow up your client for more requirements and more business

Follow up with the candidate

  • Our follow up with the candidate start at the point when we call him/her for the first time for an opportunity. He’ll give you a specific time to call, which can be late night or early morning, you need to keep a track of his conversation and need to call him at his mentioned time to get his consent for the job opportunity.
  • After checking his interest level you need his updated resume according to the opportunity you are offering, you need to follow up for that, few candidates send there resumes asap and few take time because either they don’t have access to Internet from there office or they have not drafted a fresh resume and they will ask for some time. Give them the required time and a keep a track of it.
  • After sending cv to the client, its possible that the client may take some time to give the shortlisting of cv’s, till that time don’t ignore the candidate, keep in touch with them, if they call you for the feedback, don’t ignore there calls, tell them the exact status of there cv, whatever it is.
  • After getting shortlisting , you need to schedule the interview. Whether its a telephonic round, VC or a personal interview keep a track of time every time. Make sure the client and the candidate both are available at the same time, there should not be any information which is strangled up to you and is not passed forward.
  • In case of a candidate you need to follow him up rigorously after the interview, most of the candidates take a flight after the interview only and stop calling you, don’t leave them untouched, call them and keep n touch.
  • If a candidate is offered, the excellence of your follow up is the only tool which can let you know whether the candidate is interested to join or not, its not possible that you were following up regularly still till the end of the joining period you were not aware that candidate is not interested, a good recruiter can always judge , whether the candidate is interested to join or not.
  • Always keep a follow up with the candidate regarding various claws of the offer letter, specially the salary and the designation part. Take out time for this call from your candidate also, discuss each and every point with your candidate and judge if he is ok with everything or if he is not convince him and do whatever best you can do to make the offer turn into a joining. we can also involve the employer into our conversation at this point of time.
  • After joining, most of the recruiters, let there candidates be on there own. Its not the right approach. We should always be in touch with the candidates even after there joining and should keep on asking them how are they feeling in the new organisation, what is the culture and all kind of light talks. This candidate can help you for future references and will come back to you only whenever he is looking for a change.

DO’s and DONT’s

  • Never pile your self on to the other party. Ask if the person on the other side is comfortable to talk to you at that time or not, then only start your point.
  • Never call again and again. If calling your client or candidate, before calling always make a list of things you need to talk about, point wise. Otherwise you’ll end up calling him again and again which will irritate the other party.
  • Dont be skeptical for a candidate every time, Sometimes when we call a candidate either he disconnects or didnt pick up, dont always doubt that he is ignoring you, and start calling after every minute. Give him some time, he might be busy some where and is not able to talk to or his cell phone might be on silent mode, any of the possibility can be. You should always drop an sms in such a situation and wait for a while to get his reply and if its too late , drop an email, after that only you should call him again.
  • Dont ask your client for an elaborated feedback for rejection of a candidate just because candidate wants you ask so. Client is always on the higher side. Let the candidate know whatever reason the client has told, convince only upto the point where it doesnt irritate any of the two parties, after that dont over do it. It will spoil everything. Interviewers are not always in a situation to tell the candidate why they have rejected a particular candidate and even if they know they dont want to tell it, to avoid unnecessary argument,  so let it be.
  • Always take an alternate number of the candidate when you ask him for his updated resume. Even if he says that is the only number he has, convince him to give you an other number of a friend, a trust worthy colleague, wife, sister or any one. This will help you to know his where abouts when he is not available to talk to you. But always make sure call on the alternate number only if its a critical situation and you dont have any other choice.
  • Never email any of the candidate on his official email id whatever is the situation. It can put him as well as you in an awkward situation. If situation is really bad call on the official number with a fake identity but never email on the official id.

A good follow up routine can make a drowning boat float. Keep a tight follow up with your candidate as well as your client. Its no harm. You should always be aware of whats happening where, at the clients end as well as at the candidates end. Once you loose track with any one of those, you can loose the closure of the position.

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