How to quit your present job?

Sounds awkward, right? But this is a question which actually crops up in the mind of each and every employee who is looking for a job change. We agree or not this is a bitter truth that its hard to quit your present job than joining a new one.  Its tricky and interestingly there are so many myths linked to it because actually there is no such guide or code which tells you that how to quit your present job. Usually, we just follow a trend which previous employees or our friends have followed. Once you’ll get out of your present job then only you’ll be able to get settled in a new job atmosphere, and getting out does not mean carrying that box full of your belongings and moving out of main gate, bidding bye to everyone, getting out means literally getting out of the system of that company, nothing goes with you apart from your experience, learning and few relationships. We just need to keep two things in mind:

I am doing it for better

I don’t have to burn any bridges along the way out.

Yes that’s true, While quitting your present job you don’t need to spoil everything in your present company. You have been a part of that company for a particular time period and have learnt something from everybody, you have build up a reputation, relationship with everyone and just spoiling your all effort while leaving that office, does not make any sense. Good byes with smiles and tears are both good but not with burnt faces and cunning eyes. Here I am mentioning certain points you need to focus on while quitting your present job:

Do Not Shirk Work

I have observed it in so many instances while few of my colleagues start looking for a job change. They start taking there responsibilities and duties in the present company very lightly and playfully. This is not the right approach. You are not only affecting your organisation’s work but also your credibility and that will be a life time damage. Do not try to shirk work at your present company, stay as hard working you are till the last day in your company, you owe this time to your present company. Obviously, its not right to be more loyal to the company you have not joined yet and disloyal to the company of which you are still an important part. Do your work with the same dedication till the last day in that company. This will set an example for everyone and moreover your boss too will be happy for future references.

Tell Your Boss

This sounds insane but this is little tricky. We need to see this from more practical perspective. While we plan to look for a new job, the new company will obviously ask for immediate Boss’s contact details for a reference check. In India only few companies take reference check seriously and candidates actually get rejected just before their joining time because of bad referral check, so nothing goes bad with your boss. You’ll receive calls from your new employers or your boss will receive a call for your reference check, anyhow your boss will come to know but this is not the way to keep in good terms with your boss. Call a meeting with your boss, sit with him and tell him that you are heading for a new job and keep all the valid good reasons in your hand. They will also appreciate your gesture of honesty, Your referral check will be positive, Boss will say good bye with a smile and definitely good things will be write on your exit interview letter. Your boss should come to know from you only about your job change not from some other source, that will put you in a bitter situation.

No Bad Talks

As a child, whenever we used to get a new toy we discarded the old one. This should not be the case here. When you know you have a new opportunity in your hand and you are about to quit the present job, do not start criticizing your present company. People start leaving there work stations and standing on other’s work stations just to talk bad things about the present company. Sometimes I have seen employees even criticizing the washroom conditions, bad air conditioning, unhygienic pantry and even the bad faced peon, which is nonsense. You got a new better opportunity, you don’t know anything about your new workplace, criticizing your present workplace is not going to make things better for you. There should not be any bad talks about your boss, your peer group, your work station or anything, till the last day and even after that you must express happiness while talking about that company. That’s being righteously professional.

No Grudge Against Anyone

While leaving our present company, we think to take revenge on all the employees who have been bad to us during our tenure in that company but we stayed quiet because of certain reasons. This is not right. There should be no grudges against everyone, in fact one should try to resolve everything before moving out. This will help you in future relationship building

We don’t know in upcoming five years of our career with whom and where we are going to work. It is possible that the people we argue with today, are going to be the ones who’ll decide whether hire or not to hire us. They can be our future superiors, can be our future clients. So no relationship spoiling or bad terms with anyone on professional front. Try to avoid it. Try leaving your present work place with happy face, good memories and people standing behind you bidding you good bye and giving you there best wishes for your future and stay in touch with them in future.

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