We need a CPO (Chief People Officer) or CHO (Chief Human Officer)

Its getting late in the night and a new thought has just popped in my mind. This might not sound good to few people but I am sure its a real thrill for those who think the way I think. I truly believe in the power of so called manpower, the people’s power, after all who runs an organisation, who makes a venture successful, who brings in the flow of currency in our economy, PEOPLE. I have a strong belief that human resource is the most important asset for an organisation. Whenever a company does something exceptional, something extraordinary, something great, its an exceptionally innovative human mind behind it, The cost factor, money factor comes after that. If a company goes bankrupt, goes in enormity of losses, market image is spoiled, there is something wrong going on in somebody’s devil mind. Its all because of the PEOPLE, the workforce, the manpower.

I really do not understand whenever there is a debate about which deptt is the most important and essential department for an organisation, people always keep HR department at the last place, and if we talk about Indian concerns , we have never given a chance to our HR deptt to grow higher and higher. I see that Indian CXO’s just do not have the tendency to spend much on the HR department. Why do we forget that the other departments like production, marketing, finance, sales, even the top management is all made of PEOPLE, Human resource, manpower, then what is the thing to ignore human resource anyways.

Well this article I am writing is not about the debate we do, I just want to make people understand that like few of well reputed foreign companies , Indian companies should also understand the worth of Human Resource. The time has come when companies should start spending their enormous budget on the HR too. as we have COO, CEO, CFO, CMO , we need CPO ( CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER) or CHO (CHIEF HUMAN OFFICER). As the CEO takes acre of all stategic decision making,  CEO takes care of all the executions of plans, CFO takes care of financial aspects, CMO takes care of the Marketing aspects, we must now introduce a CPO or CHO to take care of manforce related decisions. This rank will be in line with the CFO and CMO and would be under CEO as all the other departments.

Responsibilities of a CPO?

A CPO should be an interface between the company and its workforce. The one who will ensure that the workforce moves exactly like ants move towards a single goal as all must understtand their goals to achieve a bigger goal.

A CPO must ensure that the organisations Workforce is in par with the latest scenario, the technology, the upgradations, that the manpower is powerful enough is to stay in tune with the changing conditions of business environment

A CPO must ensure the continuous development of manpower, whether its technological, behavioral, personal etc.

A CPO should ensure the proper command flow, communication chain exists between the all levels of management as this chain goes through the manpower only. proper communication of small time objectives will turn into achievement of bigger goals.

A CPO must be held responsible for top line growth in manpower which can be indicated by lesser attrition rate, higher job satisfaction rate.

A CPO must be held responsible for cost analysis of work force, He should have the capability to understand one’s capability and the cost he can buy one’s expertise for.

A CPO is accountable to see know body is appointed at the wrong place in the wrong time and each and every deptt has adequate work force as per the requirement

A CPO should be accountable to take care of training aspect of manpower too, none of the departments should feel that their employees are not competent enough to cope up with the growing competion.

In a nutshell I believe, our companies should now get into taking a bolder step towards the HR department and should try to give them somebody above President HR and that should be a CPO. But the long and short of it, if a company decides to appoint a CPO then the position must be invested with responsibilities, authorities and accountability that benefits a C-level title, otherwise who needs a CPO anyways?

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