Recruitment lacks Innovation as an industry

When we do not innovate, we don’t grow. We go stagnated and then we struggle to survive. This is a bitter truth. Every industry which has innovated constantly and has come up with fresh ideas and creativity has flourished and survived in the long run. Those who have pioneered in innovation became leaders and those who followed become the competitors, and then the innovation persists. That’s how it worked with everything in this universe also. Innovation is the key.


The Recruitment industry is still trying to survive with the primitive processes and ancient techniques. We were recruiting in the same way 10 years back and still. We lack innovation. As a recruiter, we should be eager always to come up with fresh ideas, creative moves and innovative ways to let the job be worth the effort. We need fresh ideas in every aspect of recruitment s a whole, be it the process or the technique. The tedious process of recruitment needs to innovate itself with a process which is more exciting and more productive. The boring aspect of the techniques like Headhunting, mapping and referral hiring has to go and we need to renovate these techniques altogether from the scratch.

Let’s start with the basics.

Today when real estate industry, grocery shopping, Media, Education, Automobile, EPC, Training, manufacturing and every other industry is brainstorming on daily basis to come up with some thing new, we as recruiters are still sitting back and relaxing. Its the time we should start innovating things and revamp the whole recruitment process, starting with our Calls.

The first step we take today is to change the way we call. Let’s make our calls knowledge calls, let’s not talk on the phone, let’s share knowledge on the phone. Let’s not sell like telesales person, let’s talk like recruiters. Let’s make this change today itself.

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