Its 01:00 AM, post-midnight, and am sitting on my bedroom floor thinking what have I missed. I realise that’s my pending article on Maternity benefits. What a fish! You know I actually feel that this article is going to be more relevant to few people now as Aishwarya Rai is pregnant and the same thing happened with her so, she was thrown out of the movie “heroine”. The beauty feels bad about it and says that it’s very “insensitive”.

Yes, Insensitive is the word. Well this just came to my mind randomly, this has got to do nothing with what we are discussing. We have raised certain points here:

  • Why pregnant working women are pre assumed as future under performers?
  • Why they are forced to quit, sometimes due to professional reasons and sometimes on emotional grounds?
  • Why do we have just 3 months of maternity leaves clause? Can we consult a doctor before making such a clause that how much time does a mother need to recover herself?
  • Why still in few companies paid maternity leave is not provided and why no action has been taken against them?
Super woman

It’s not so that if we change our act in some way we are going to be exceptional of all the countries all over world. I would like to share a chart which shows the maternity benefits being given by several countries. It’s a Forbes Study. There are so many other countries who have taken a step further to protect the special rights for a mother and a pregnant woman. The developed countries like United States and Australia are far behind the developing countries in this respect.  According to the study conducted by Forbes US and Australia are the only developed economies which provide no paid maternity leave. NO PAID MATERNITY LEAVE! Now what does it mean, Don’t the American and Australian women need money after their babies are delivered or they are so healthy that they can come straight to office hours after they have delivered a bay or their babies are so independent from birth that they can survive on their own, weird. France , Singapore, Austria all provide four months of maternity leave and that too paid, still better. Germany offers 14 weeks and India wow…12 weeks. Our Government understand it so well that we all Indian women are super women.

The best part of the world. In UK a women gets 90% of her salary with up to a year off with her kid, now that’s what I call maternity benefit. And to your surprise the most fortunate women on earth belong to Sweden. Swedish women get almost 80% of her salary and a jackpot of 480 days off to spend with her new born.

Now we are jealous and disappointed? We all go through the same phase of life when we get pregnant. We all bear same pains and love our babies the same way. Then why can’t we spend this quality time with our babies and use some time for ourselves too. Anyways the woman who is half-heartedly and half mentally present in the office, how well can she perform?

study by Forbes

I would really like to get settled in UK or Sweden. I have also given up my job for my baby. I was three months pregnant and today my kid is 6 months old. For me leaving that job was fortunate as I ventured into something which belongs to me, I started blogging, writing and established a company of my own, but all are not as fortunate as me. I know so many other colleagues of mine whose professional life has been totally devastated after pregnancy or if the career went well, the kids were being ignored. That is mandatory for you to compromise either on your career or your baby; most of us end up compromising on jobs. We leave our jobs and start sitting at home taking care of young ones, well that gives some satisfaction too that you have taken the right decision , we can definitely start after one year , when the kid is a little grown up but then you need to start again from the scratch. You have to come back into the industry on lesser salary and on smaller roles. The people who were working with you and were never the better performers, are way ahead of you. Is it fair? No.

Want to Enjoy Motherhood

We must have all the rights to enjoy our pregnancy, our motherhood and our career all together, as this is not asking for too much. India is not as economically developed as UK and the population is also too high and giving a fully paid one year maternity leave is definitely not our demand, that would be asking for too much but at least they should work out on it in such a way that a mother gets ample time to spend with her new born and gets enough time to recover herself too. It’s obvious that a mentally and a physically fit employee can perform better than the challenged one. We also want to enjoy the 365 days of maternity leaves either fully paid or partially paid. Well those who think on the same line can comment on the same and those who don’t can write an other blog.

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