Body Language of an Interviewer

Body language of an interviewer

I don’t think anybody has ever discussed about body language of an interviewer, I believe the one who butchers must pay more attention towards his code of conduct than the one who is being butchered. Interviewer sits on such a chair that an interviewee looks up on to him. He must take care of his words and actions because when he sitting on that chair he is representing his company as a brand ambassador; an interviewer is giving the first impression of the company to the candidate, so he must be at its best. Just because he is an interviewer he doesn’t reserve all the rights of being examined or questioned.



Interviewee is the reflection of interviewer

To understand you must read between the lines. In an interview, the interviewee will always be a mirror image of the words and actions of the interviewer. The way interviewer is carrying himself, will decide the way the interviewee carries himself. If the interviewer is very particular about using formal language like “sir” or “madam”, interviewee will also automatically say so. If an interviewer is serious all throughout the interview, the interviewee will also would not try to crack any joke. If the interviewer is a funny easy going one, definitely the interviewee is also going to be relaxed and joyous and interview is going to end as a discussion between two long parted friends. So these are the things why an interviewer also must take care of the body language skills.


  • He must show friendly gestures like smiling face and welcoming hands to make a candidate feel comfortable
  • He should not ask questions like a FBI officer interrogating a criminal; questions must be asked in a very polite manner.
  • Interviewer must let the candidate speak; he should always initiate a discussion, a dialogue not a monologue.
  • Interviewer should never showcase his own intelligence and expertise in front of the candidate.
  • Interviewer should always use encouraging words like: I appreciate that”, “That’s very Nice”, “Very good” etc.
  • Interviewer should not mind indulging the interviewee into light talks like “which football player is your favourite”, which IPL team you support”, these questions will make the candidate open up a little more in front of you.
  • Interviewer should always be more cautious about the words and language he is using, the clothes he is wearing, the attitude he is exhibiting as he is representing his company at the interview table.
  • Interviewer should never make a candidate feel down by commenting on things he has done or he hasn’t done like, “This is not that great college you have done your education from “filthy place you belong to”, “you don’t know about this, what a shame”. These sentences are shaking the confidence of the candidate and also exhibiting you as a problematic interviewer.


These are just few points that an interviewer should also keep in mind while taking an interview. I may add more, in the articles to come.



4 thoughts on “Body Language of an Interviewer

  1. Hello

    Nice article. I thought you might reflect on how interviewee should overcome his plight, but you have put on what should ideally be done. This never happens here.

    I came here after viewing your intro at linkedin. Strange, you have not updated your blog for past many years.

    Most placement agencies (Naukri, Monster …) force people to put in their resume, but, sadly, those HR people simply search for keywords and forward invitations. For example if my resume speaks of RPG company, I always get invites for RPG systems, RPG hardware … NOT ANYONE’S FAULT as our country is like that.

    People are fired for no reason, yet recruiters don’t show interest in those who are out of job. Again a very distressing issue.

    1. Hi Milind, I apologise for the late reply. yes you are right I was not very actively blogging from a long time. Yes, In India and abroad the interview methodologies are totally different and i’ll be soon touching up on many such topics. Thanks a lot for reading my article and commenting. Stay glued.


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