When boss says – “My way or Highway” make your own way


Is this what your boss says?

This may sound arrogant but its right. I spoke to few professionals yesterday about how they feel when their boss at their work acts like a master of your mind, your will and your actions. The reply I got was amazing in so many respects. Few said: “He is our boss, he can say anything he wishes to, and after all he knows better, that’s why he is our boss”. Well to these people I must say, they deserve to be treated like slaves at their workplace. Then few said: “who cares, let them bark”.  To these people I must say that ignorance is our biggest sin when it comes to our learning. Then the rest few said, “We have our own mind which is full of innovative ideas, we can create ideas, conceptualise them and then execute them too. So why listen to somebody who is not letting us use our own colours on our canvas. We’ll find some other place where we can get this independence of saying our thoughts aloud”. To these few I must say, “I am with you”.

We are living in a country where each and everyone have a creative mind of his own. Our minds are full of ideas, concepts, fantasies, theories, dreams etc. You never know which of our stupid ideas clicks some day and becomes the biggest discovery; don’t forget there is thing called “serendipity” which can happen by chance, so let it happen. Let us brainstorm, let us use our mind at least once in a day at some problem, we also encapsulate the capability to answer few very critical questions. Boss asks, “If you really have this so called problem solving capability, why can’t I see it?”, well you never asked, Mr Boss. You never gave your subordinate that opportunity where he could show you what he worth of is. Well, this is just a way of portraying the problem in writing. This is happening in different fashions in different offices.

Who is a “bad boss”?

Why do we call our boss a bad boss?  Due to so many reasons. These reasons can be very minor like, my boss is a bad boss because, “he never let me eat on the office desk”, “he never let me attend my calls”, “he never appreciates my sense of dressing”, “he never asks me about my future plan”, “he never says happily that I can go on a leave”. These reasons don’t sound good to me. There are some reasons which can be, “he makes sure that I never get a promotion”, “he never let me present my idea or business proposition to the client”, “he never let me come up with my own ideas”, “he never appreciates my excellent work even if everyone else does”, “he scolds meal ways in front of all colleagues”, “he blames me every time if our team don’t meet the deadline”. These reasons can be taken seriously as these small reasons later on turn into bigger clashes.

Today it has become a habit of every employee to sit and to talk ill about their bosses, bosses these days have become like mother in laws, and they cannot be good even if they try hard to do some good for you. First of all let’s be a little rational about this. Bosses can be good too. But we must know who is a bad boss. Well, bad boss is the one who bosses around in the bad manner. The one who is not happy to see you grow. The one who can’t give you recognition and appreciation, if you are doing some great job. Sometimes we have limitations at our end and we start blaming the bosses about it. Sometimes we do completely nonsense thing and expect appreciation on that. Then we get scolded by our boss for too obvious reasons, and then we start calling him a bad boss.  So we must know that our boss is a bad boss or not. We should not stereotype all the bosses.

“Why a bad boss is a bad boss?

This question needs some attention and research. Why any boss is a bad boss? Why is he a bad boss? Does he think it’s cool to behave like bad boss or is he not able to realise that he is a bad boss. Nobody knows. I just know this that I really pity these bosses. I really understand why sometimes few of them (not all) behave like dictators and Hitler. These people who are known as “bad bosses” belong to the prestigious “HIPS” association. It stands for highly insecure professionals’ society. These bosses are highly insecure of few things in their life. They have certain issues and complications which were never addressed. They tried a lot to overcome those things may be but could never do so.  There are so many reasons which portray a boss as a bad boss.


Few people are highly insecure about their position in the company. They want to be ahead of everyone and they have done a lot of sacrifices to reach up to this level. Then one day some good chap joins the office and starts impressing the top people with his/her extra ordinary work and the boss is insecure as he might be thrown out as the company will be getting much talented person on that position on very low cost. Then he starts manipulating and makes it sure that the person would not be able to perform in front of seniors so well in the future. He will make sure that person is not able to communicate to top management people.

Problems from past

Sometimes few psychological problems, past life, experiences make a person so harsh, tough and rude that they start blaming everyone around them for the worst condition of life. These people are not able to share their feelings with somebody because these problems are their personal and they might feel ashamed of their problems. These people then start taking out this frustration at the office front on the sub ordinates. Those people who have experienced so many hardships in life either become too hard or too soft towards life. Those who are positive towards themselves are positive towards everything, those who are negative towards anything, are negative always.


Its three word big word. A big ego makes you a bad boss. If you think that your subordinate can never do better than you, then you have made a big mistake. Few people are so conservative towards themselves that they forget to see other person’s calibre. The bosses should not act like a huge shady tree that grows to such big extent to look most attractive and fascinating to all. But he is actually stopping the sunlight to reach the plant and let them photosynthesise third food. The plants finally die. This should not happen. Egos must be kept back at home while going to your work place.

Gender bias

Few bosses are the most impossible kind of bosses. They don’t act like bad boss with everyone. They just do have the problem with females. They just can’t tolerate any female coming out of the kitchen and taking part in few important decisions making. Such bosses never leave any chance to make this lady feel low about themselves and ashamed. Such bosses are never keen to work with any female colleague. These bosses will pass on comments in the office, will give inappropriate taunts and will try his level best that you leave the office for any of the reasons. But you must not. This is the advice for all working women who are handing such a boss that you must not let his criticism get over you. Never let him tell you what needs to be done or not. Never ever think that somebody’s opinion towards you can change your life or nature.


There are few bosses who don’t deserve to be called bosses.. They are just under an impression that being the boss means being god. Being a boss means you can scold or shout on anybody and that person won’t be able to repel as he is facing the boss. These fakers are not that complicated bosses to handle, because after few days the originality of a person will come out. This trial game would not go for long and soon the faker boss will realise the mistake.

“Know it all”

Few bosses have the tendency to always reflect that he knows everything. In this practice he even forgets what was he here for? Whenever some employee comes up with some idea, he throws it away, and gives a complete speech on how to do it in a better way. Such bosses pre assume themselves as an expert in every forte. Such people don’t give any opportunity to anyone else to talk about it.

Today we discussed the “who”, “what” and “why” of bad bosses and in my next blog we shall discuss how we can get rid of such bosses.  We shall discuss how we should bring out the positivity of these people.


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