How to screen a CV, efficiently?

#HonestMonday is here For all those who deal with CV’s whether online or offline. Screening a CV holds a big chunk of their work day routine. “Please share your CV”, “Can I see your CV first?”, “Can you email me your CV”. “Please have a look at my CV”. these are the sentences we listen to, on daily basis. It’s very important that we know, how to correctly and efficiently screen a CV. I have spoken to many hiring managers, my colleagues about how do they screen a CV.  Few of them start telling me that they read the whole […]

7 Movies – Every HR Professional Should watch – Go on Binge this weekend :)

Dear HR Professionals, ITS FRIDAY. Dealing with human created chaos at work, managing leaves, remuneration and allowances, interviewing people, hiring and firing, grievance handling, fighting for budget, maintaining discipline, organizing expeditions, scheduling team games, coordinating training programs, managing people etc . This all makes one tired, really tired, extremely exhausted and funnily bored too and we get that. So for my Fellow HR Professionals, I have listed 7 amazing movies, which will not only help them make some amazing moves on the job but will also entertain them. Who said we are boring anyways? These are few of the highly […]