Dear Interviewers!!! How prepared are you?

A few weeks back I published an article “questions an interviewer should never ask”. I received many comments and suggestions on LinkedIn. This article is in continuation of that. In my career as a Consultative recruiter and HR Solution provider, I interview people telephonically and personally both, on daily basis. We are in constant coordination with the interviewers, HR managers, hiring professionals from several industries. My profession demands me to improvise and innovate daily, which is done only by staying aware of what’s happening around. We design solutions accordingly. Basically, interviews and hiring is the only thing we talk about, almost […]

Questions , Interviewers should avoid or rather stop asking.

  Why interviewers are still stuck to those irrelevant, stupid, not-taking-us anywhere questions, despite the fact that they themselves are fed up of asking them again and again. There are so many articles written about this and so many discussions have already happened on so many panels, but still, we jump back to Stone Age and start asking the same good-for-nothing questions, mechanically almost. This needs to end, high time. I am sure we all have heard these questions, if not all, few of them, once in our life, and we all knew that they make no sense. They don’t […]