Thinking of an HR Tech Startup? Think Thrice…

Millennials are tech savvy, Millennials are super innovative, Millennials are restless and Millennials believe in startups. I visit a famous coffee shop almost every alternate day below my office and whenever I go there, I see the bunch of people sitting together with their laptops, either silently working sipping Latte’s or discussing almost violently on their STARTUP. Coffee shop or smoking area of a pub is the birthplace for most of the startup ideas. I love this culture, everybody has a unique idea, few have a startup because they have a unique idea, and few have a startup because everybody else […]

My favorite HR case study – SnapDeal Pay Cut Letter

“You don’t hire because you afford, you hire because you need” The first thing which came into my mind after coming across the email sent by CEO Kunal Bahl to his employees where he is announcing 100% pay cut off along with the news of saying “Painful goodbyes” to many other employees – that’s commendable. Read the letter The founders are taking 100% pay cut is appreciable but more than that what impressed me the most, they admitted that they made mistakes, yes they did. But having said that, after reading the email twice I realized, “Did they have the choice […]