Review – HR Event of the year – SHRMiAC 2017 #HRBoxOffice

2 days of HR Extravaganza, 2 days when all the “Who’s Who” of Global HR fraternity, gather under one roof and share insights on latest HR practices and trends. The atmosphere is all full with fumes of knowledge and wisdom. It’s an overwhelming feeling when you get to catch glimpses of all the stalwarts of HR and get to know their view points, an opportunity to know them up and personal.  It’s Friday and its #HRBoxOffice day. Today for a review, nothing qualifies more than the #SHRMiAC. The Annual Conference held by Society of Human Resource Management India at The […]

How to screen a CV, efficiently?

#HonestMonday is here For all those who deal with CV’s whether online or offline. Screening a CV holds a big chunk of their work day routine. “Please share your CV”, “Can I see your CV first?”, “Can you email me your CV”. “Please have a look at my CV”. these are the sentences we listen to, on daily basis. It’s very important that we know, how to correctly and efficiently screen a CV. I have spoken to many hiring managers, my colleagues about how do they screen a CV.  Few of them start telling me that they read the whole […]