Recruitment lacks Innovation as an industry

When we do not innovate, we don’t grow. We go stagnated and then we struggle to survive. This is a bitter truth. Every industry which has innovated constantly and has come up with fresh ideas and creativity has flourished and survived in the long run. Those who have pioneered in innovation became leaders and those who followed become the competitors, and then the innovation persists. That’s how it worked with everything in this universe also. Innovation is the key.   The Recruitment industry is still trying to survive with the primitive processes and ancient techniques. We were recruiting in the […]

Recruitment – A Vital function not just keyword matching on job portals

Recruitemnt as a passion, as a profession, whatever ways, is a vital function of Human resource. In past decade we have seen an ample mushrooming of Recruitment agencies in India. Every other recruitement professional has the vision of coming up with a recruitment company with the same methodology, same business model, same technique. There are hundreds of recruitment companies, thousands of recruiters , still there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of Human capital. Comapnies are struggling to find the right person for the right job, employees are struggling to get the right job which gives them […]