When boss says – “My way or Highway” make your own way

  This may sound arrogant but its right. I spoke to few professionals yesterday about how they feel when their boss at their work acts like a master of your mind, your will and your actions. The reply I got was amazing in so many respects. Few said: “He is our boss, he can say anything he wishes to, and after all he knows better, that’s why he is our boss”. Well to these people I must say, they deserve to be treated like slaves at their workplace. Then few said: “who cares, let them bark”.  To these people I […]

Interviewing a white collar

  Interviewing a senior/Top management professional   Day before yesterday only we scheduled an interview of a top level management professional in some dot com company. The person was to be interviewed by the VP (Vice president). The hassle and mess we face when we schedule interviews or take interviews of middle level or lower level management professionals, we never face them while conducting interviews for top management level professionals.  Well, my experiences have not been so sweet so far but yes most of them were very good. The candidate who was interviewed that day is an online marketing professional […]