Job Seeker Communication with Recruitment Consultant

Hi Sir, Are you looking for a job change??? Getting a call from a placement firm… As a job seeker whenever we get a call from a consultant or recruitment firm most of the times we feel happy if we are actually looking out for a job change. But sometimes it feels very irritating, like what if you are sitting on a conference call with your boss and you are being scolded because of your previous performances and you are tensed, in stress and then suddenly you get a call on your cell phone from an unknown number, you’ll think […]

Managing Recruitment Consultants

Managing Recruitment Consultant… It’s a Big Deal Hey, pals! I am addressing in such a way because of a day before yesterday only I met an HR person who used this phrase so many times. Hey pals! Hey Pals! I am still under his spell. Actually, that meeting was announced to brief on a new project with that client, it’s an automobile client, due to confidentiality reasons, I would not like to mention the name. I was amazed to see including us there were more than 20 other consultants/Vendors. what a huge number. Isn’t it ?just a publicity or a […]